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TR 2003-Trailer-type pumpkin seed harvester

pumpkin seed harvester


Field of application: to harvest pumpkin-seeds grown for industrial and food purposes. (Also suitable for melon-seed harvest).

The machine must be connected to the drawing sheet mounted on the lower arms of the three-point-linkage system of the tractor.

During intermittent or slow movement, pumpkins are mechanically fed into the crushing-throat with the help of the pick-up adapter. The crushing-roller crushes the pumpkins, and this crushed substance is then forwarded onto the next roller, which is equipped with sticks. This roller moves continuously , thus the seeds proceed through the sticks and get into the lower part of the roller-box, while the rest of the material is dispensed onto the ground. Some parts of soft material stuck on the seeds peel off through the perforated wall of the roller-box. The seeds are fed into a cleaning roller where a fan peels off the still remaining soft material. The cleaned seeds then get into a hopper which must be emptied from time to time.




Main specifications:

Length:4600 mm
Width:2100 mm
Height:1900 mm
Weight:1550 kg
Input revolution:540 1/min
Required machine-power:min.37 kW
Separating roller/Pickup roller:Ø 1000 x 1800 mm
Running gear:10-15 8 PR
without brake

TF-1500 Pumpkin pickup adapter with hydraulic lifting system

The Pumpkin Pickup Adapter is an individual  trailer-type unit, connected to a console mounted on the right side of the machine during operation. The pickup unit consists of a spiked roller, a unit which takes off the pumpkins from the roller and a belt conveyor or chute which delivers the pumpkins into the throat.( pumpkins must be arranged in line in the fields)



Pickup Adapter
(operating posit.)
Length:2800 mm4600 mm
Width:1800 mm3250 mm
Height:1800 mm2300 mm
Weight:600 kg2250 kg
Input revolution:540 1/min
Required machine-power:40-50 HP40-50 HP
Separating roller/Pickup roller:Ø 1540x760
Running gear:520-13