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Head extension for rape seed harvesting

Thinking in terms of continuous advance, DMM introduced a harvesting attachment into the market, a rape attchement.

As a result of some constructional developments made in 2009 and 2010, REPTOL was born, as a rape attachment forT harvesting rape seed. The extension can be connected onto New Holland-, Claas, and John Deere combines.

The ripe, dry rape is usually interwoven and in leant position at the time of harvest. The pods burst easily and the seeds fall out, thus the crop failure can be very high.

By the application of REPTOL, the yield can be increased, as the crop failure decreases. Using the head extension, up to 200 kg/ha higher yield is obtained.

DMM’s head extensions are optionally equipped with side-dividers on one-or both sides, depending on demands. The side-dividers are hydraulically controlled. DMM produces REPTOL also without  side-dividers.

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