Metal- and sheet processing

Debreceni Mechanikai Művek Kft.(DMM) offers a wide range of metal-and sheet processing activities.

We endeavour to fit to the technological demands of our age ; in our range you can find cutting, blame cutting, lasercutting, edge folding, punching, which are regarded to be the first phase of sheet processing.

It was a significant step when lasertechnology was introduced and applied in metal-and sheet processing. Applying laser, various profiles can be cut out fast and precisely, from different raw materials(steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc.) DMM’s lasercutting machine, TRUMATIC L3020 is suitable also for marking laser-etchwork, which is a special field of lasercutting.

Edge folding is, perhaps, one of the most spectacular elements in sheet processing, which is made in 3D. Our machine, ERMAK CNCHAP 3120 hydraulic edge folding machine represents state of the art technology in his own field, with its folding lenght of 3000 mm, with folding power 1200KN.(to width of 8 mm).

Besides the above sheet processing activities DMM offers various cold forming works: deep drawing, cut-out, pressing.

In DMM’s production rage welded constructions have significant role. Applied welding technologies: CO2 shielded arc welding, AWI,AFI. To cease thermal stress  and to reduce distorsions after welding, we apply vibration stress relief, which is a unique solution in Eastern Hunagry for machining welded constructions.

General cutting equipements ranges from universal machining(turning, milling, grinding) to CNC-machining: turning  of round segments and tubes, notch milling, pitching etc.

Dynamic balancing of turning parts: to 2000 mm length and to Æ 800 mm. Precision:G6,3

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