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Debreceni Mechanikai Művek Ltd. hereby informs all of its partners that the Curia with its decision number Pfv.IV.20.984 / 2016/4 has changed the decision of the City Court 3.Pk.23.676 / 2014/4 through this decision of the National Office for Intellectual Property the cancellation of the "patent" of BisoSchrattanecker GmbH. under registration number 226.704 was approved and ordered the cancellation of the previously registered "patent" of Biso.

All this means that Debreceni Mechanikai Művek Kft. HAS NOT COMMITTED AN INFRINGEMENT; with side cutters for the harvesting of oilseed rape produced and placed on the market between 01 January 2008 and 31 December 2009 and equipped with a front table of type RK-6.0-NH-2H and RK-6.0.-NH-1H, namely Biso Schrattenecker GmbH. NO 226,704 patents!

According to the decision, Biso's 'patent' is not based on an inventive step as the technical solutions used and registered as patents were copied by BISO Schrattanecker GmbH. from a similar model manufactured by a Japanese company in 1999.

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