Other products


On the basis of its roots in the agricultural machine production, DMM tries to enlarge its product-range from time to time.

Expanding the head-extension-line(see Reptol rape attachment), we would like to develop our flexible adapter in the near future, which follows the soil. This adapter will be suitable for harvesting soybean, peas and other vegetables, which grow low, close to the soil. But it is also recommended for harvesting crops, which are hardly leant to the soil.

This flexible adapter- similar to Reptol rape attachment- will be attachable to the most significant  harvest combines, and will be available in different working width.



In 2010 DMM took part in developing and manufacturing the frame-construction of solar-parabola. Regarding the increasing market of alternative energy sources, demand for these products will also increase.

Main technical data of the construction:

Solar parabola utilizes solar energy. Its surface is a rotating parabola, which consists of 12 segments. Each segment is adjustable. Each mirror faces to the focus of the surface. Their role is to concentrate the incoming solar radiation in the focus point. There is a heat exchanger in the focus, wich conveys the radiated heat energy to its own agent.

The parabola has  a controlling-and moving system, which can follow the sun’s orbit, depending on day and season, so the mirror has the most favourable positon from radiance’s point of view.

DMM undertakes to design and manufacture similar, unique steel-constructions in this profile in the future too.

Solar parabolaSolar parabola