Debreceni Mechanikai Művek Ltd.(DMM for short), as we today know it, was founded in 1996, since then it has been operating private ltd, and as a member of the Horváth Holding Group of companies.

DMM started its operation with the facilities, employees and market-background of the one-time Debreceni Gépgyár.(Debrecen Machine Works)

The professional background of DMM is determined by the fact that its roots originate in the firm  Mezőgép which had a great past in agricultural machine production in Hungary. Agricultural machines and parts were manufactured as early as the 1950s on this area, so DMM has a long-standing professional past and experience.

Production-processes have been continuously developed and improved, alongside with the development of agricultural and manufacturing technology. The scope of this production ranges from the simple, low-end machines to high-end, technologically sophisticated equipment to be used in various fields of agriculture, harvesting- and pest controlling jobs.

The basic scope of business at DMM has not changed as yet, and is based on the traditions of agricultural machine production.

During the period of  widespread political and economical changes in the beginning of the 90s, the temporary loss of market  was compensated by increasing exports to Western-Europe. The success of this activity is confirmed by the fact that even today more than half of the company’s production is covered by exports to Germany and Holland. These relations have evolved into successful long-term partnerships.

DMM has extanded its activity into other fields of industry, too. Since 1996 the company has been manufacturing handbrakes for trucks and aluminum components for high-voltage electric equipment.

Since 1996 DMM has been developing products for agricultural customers within and outside Hungary.  The pumpkin seed harvesting machine developed and produced by DMM is a unique product of this sort in Central-and Eastern Europe. DMM has also contributed to the development of several machines for turf maintenance.

Key elements of DMM’s long-term strategy are the following:
•    production and sales of  self-designed agricultural machines
•    establishing close relations with the machine-and manufacturing industry
•    support of supplying connection within the EU
•    maintaining a constant technological development.